How to Avoid the Histamine Headache

Wine is a pleasure that can cause headaches and often, allergy symptoms. Happily, there’s a solution that makes things like red wine consumption much more enjoyable and less punishing. There are many reasons for this punishment, as this paper outlines regarding histamine. Red wine is not only high in histamine as are tomatoes, chocolate, and […]

COVID-19 Vaccine Prep!

I get the question often, “Are you getting the COVID-19 vaccination?” My answer is very affirmative, “Heck yes!” The benefits outweigh the risks, especially the long-term effects for many people, including myself. Even though I had COVID in the fall, with all the uncertainty around the new variants and the possibility to get COVID more […]

Detox and Why The Hype?

Detox is a hot word in the “get healthy movement.” I know, even as a doctor, I didn’t truly understand what “detox” meant before becoming functional medicine trained. Where did certain foods fit in? Did I have to get some kind of enema? Did I have to fast? Detox is not that complicated and quite […]

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