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We do on the Good Medicine Brand products -just call us at 719-419-8009. Unfortunately, we do not allow any refunds for other brands at this time.

We do accept returns or exchanges for Good Medicine Brand supplements-please email us at or call us at 719-419-8009. We want you to have the utmost confidence in the products you are purchasing. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or exchanges on other brands at this time.


You can track your order through the USPS and UPS tracking code. We will send this to you when your package ships from our warehouse or direct ships from the supplier. This is usually shipped the same day if the order is placed before 10 AM EST or it is shipped next day if after 10 AM EST.  This applies Monday -Friday and excludes holidays.

All orders over $99 ship for free!  For orders under $99 we charge a flat rate of $10.

Unfortunately, we do not post packages internationally. Thank you for understanding!

If received before 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time and the product is in stock, we will ship the same day Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Payment Method

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

HSA and FSA are accepted


No worries, it happens to the best of us 🙂


Within the login form, just click the “Lost your password?” link under the big green Sign In button, provide your email address and we’ll shoot you a link to reset it.

Setting up an account is required to make a purchase, but it’s super easy and just takes a few seconds. With an account you can check the progress of an order, change your details and save your payment details, which will speed things up the next time you order. The best part though, is the discounts you receive on most brands and even more of a discount when you autoship.

Order Support

Yes we are.  Please see our sister site, or call our clinical coordinator, Claire Good, at 719-419-8005.

If you are looking for supplements that you’ve been told are sold on our site most likely you need to create an account. Some of the brands we carry require an account to view them. Use the link below to create an account.

If you still cannot find your supplement, please give us a call at 719-419-8009 and we will be glad to help you over the phone with your order and you will get all the great benefits of free shipping if over $49 and discounts just like ordering online.

Sure, give us a ring at 719-419-8009 as quick as possible after your original order or email us after hours at and we’ll do our best to include the additional item with your others to save on shipping. 

Coupon codes typically have an expiration date, so it could be that you’re using an outdated code. Many of our codes are also set for a single use and are case sensitive.  There also could be a problem on our end. Give us a call at 719-419-8009 and we will be happy to make sure we get the problem clarified and corrected.

Rewards Program

The discount is still there but just in a different form. The first purchase, since we instituted our rewards program, is 15% off with points awarded on that purchase that equal 15% off future purchases. $100 dollars spent = 100 points = $15 dollars, plus we have birthday rewards, review rewards and different tiers where you get even more points for purchases and perks when you reach annual spends of $500 dollars and $1000 dollars. Actually, we have made it so that you have even more savings and reward you for your support and loyalty. Check out our page for more info

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