At Metagenics, they leave no stone untouched when it comes to patient care. For more than three decades they have lived up to their commitment to providing reliable and safe nutritional solutions. Whether it is the sourcing of the ingredients or rigorous testing of the products, Metagenics have set a very high standard for themselves and all their peers in the industry. Now, that is the true commitment to the work they believe in.

Doctor Trusted

Science and sourcing

At Metagenics, we have invested in a highly skilled in-house R&D team. With their help, we discover pathbreaking innovative solutions that become a new standard. We source our ingredients using very strict guidelines and quality controls to ensure the good health of our patients.



At Metagenics, they believe in informing their clients of whatever formula they use to create an effective nutritional supplement. There can be no compromise when it comes to health. There is no place for secrets or lies.

Metagenics Pure Ingredients


Every single batch of supplement product made at Metagenics has the same ingredient, safety, purity, and effectiveness. Consistency is of the utmost importance for them. They conduct almost 50,000 different quality control tests throughout the year to deliver accurate and trustworthy solutions for patients.

Metagenics Quality

Tru Quality ™

At Metagenics, they are confident of what they produce and the top quality of At Metagenics, they don't just care about the quality, they put it in front of the whole world to see it. Their unique platform TruQuality ™ grants full access to the testing information for every single batch of the product they create. Simply go to and enter the lot number to access the quality testing information that guarantees we live up to our Label claims.

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