Fish Oil That Passes the Aftertaste Test

The best advice I received when trying to decide on which fish oil to carry the label of Good Medicine was to taste the actual capsule oil.


At first, I thought the rep was joking, but with some trepidation, I bit the end off of the capsule and squeezed the whole thing in my mouth. It was actually very pleasant and not fishy at all.

What is your fish oil telling you?

I challenge you to first take the top off the container and just smell. If you think you have entered a cannery, then you can stop right there and know that the taste is going to be overwhelming.

Next, if the smell is not making you want to swear off eating fish forever, then step 2 is to bite the end off of the capsule and swallow the fish oil. What do you think? If you taste fish or wish you could gently remove your taste buds, then the fish oil has been oxidized during the manufacturing process.

Good Medicine fish oil is processed the same day it is caught and you can tell. Another side effect of rancid/oxidized oil is that you will probably taste it later when you burp it back up. One of my most popular products is De Fish Oil (and De Fish Oil Liquid) because it smells and tastes great and does not cause digestive problems.

If your fish oil did not pass the test, then I would strongly recommend De Fish Oil because there is:

  1. Almost no smell 
  2. A pleasant taste 
  3. Lack of fish burps  

It’s the trifecta that tells you-you are getting the health benefits from taking fish oil you expect to.

Finally, what are the benefits of fish oil, anyway?

  1. It supports the immune and improves heart health 
  2. Decreases inflammation and lowers triglyceride levels
  3. Has significant benefits for multiple cognitive functions

For people who don’t like to eat oily fish and other foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, dietary supplementation is essential.

Analysis by the NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) shows that a large percentage of the US adult population was not meeting recommendations for omega-3 fatty acid consumption.

Taking this deficiency information into account, it would be a good idea to take fish oil supplements for their myriad health benefits and when you are choosing one, make sure it passes the taste test.

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