The Covid – Fish Oil Connection

COVID variants make Fish Oil crucial for healthy immune system function. 


COVID is a virus we are just going to have to live with per this article from Nature magazine and many others. Studies show that vaccination improves your chances of recovery 11 to 1 — pretty good odds, but even the vaccinated will get variants so the best thing to do is to boost your immune system and keep on living life.

It’s important to understand the phases of inflammation we are dealing with during Covid infection and other circumstances like chemotherapy, so anytime you get an illness that feels like it’s going to let you recover and then slams you back to the mattress, you’ll know what you can do to help yourself.

If you remember any First Aid or Bio class that talked about the acute inflammatory reactions and the body’s immune response, this may seem familiar:

You cut your finger; the body sends out signals and calls in defensive blood cells to patch you up.

We now know there are more phases to the process than the very simple beginnings and I’d like to explain how Fish Oil relates and can help with the kind of inflammation Covid can cause.

The virus gets in there; the body detects a foreign invader; they called the army of WBCs out; the army gets in there and they bag up as much virus as they can and kill it. At this point, you may feel a little better and think you’re on your way out of the disease.

The problem comes when the garbage sits there, and the first army is exhausted. There is about a 6 to 8-hour window before it explodes and lets even more garbage out into the system, and the body is now completely overwhelmed with junk to fight off.

The immune system needs Fish oil (EPA/DHA) to clean up the garbage bags before they explode. If they explode, you have an even bigger inflammatory response, pain, and symptoms of Covid to slam you down until it’s over for good.

Now for some big words, hang with me because here is where fish oil comes into the picture to help the body through this process.

We need Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators or SPMs to clean up the garbage before it explodes and causes more pain.

Proper levels of Omega-3 fatty acids from 1 to 2 Fish Oil capsules per day can provide the body with these SPMs.

Don’t worry. If you haven’t been taking your fish oil, and you get hit with Covid, you can take SPM capsules and experience a lot less suffering.

I’ve used SPM capsules to help cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy, so they experience a lot less pain and fatigue.

I like Pure Encapsulations Pro-Resolve Omega or Metagenics brand SPM Active.

Taking 1 capsule 2 times a day of this “Break Glass in Case of Emergency” option will help you bypass EPA/DHA deficiency and help with inflammation right away.

Curious about your levels? Check your Omega-3s through Lab Corp or Quest Labs to prepare for battle.


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