5 Products for Better School Days

Many parents are lying in bed on Sunday nights wondering how the school week is going to go for the kids. You’re not alone.


Worries about a mask-less year, new variants, hoping they can stay calm and focused, and that their immune systems can combat this year’s ‘normal’ colds, flu, and viruses can ruin your sleep.

As the mother of 4 (some with special needs), I rest a little easier knowing I have a few extras in the supplement cabinet.

Most kids still need the essentials mentioned in our pre-Covid back-to-school blog as the first line of defense. These additions are specifically to help boost immune response and aid with healthy brain function as we continue through this season of variants. (See this blog on the importance of a calm system to influence better immune response)

Here are the 5 favorites for 2021:

Optimag Neuro** – This powder contains the only type of magnesium that crosses the blood-brain barrier, supporting stress management, sleep quality, and a healthy mood. (Who doesn’t need that?) Suggested use: mix one scoop in water one hour before bedtime.

Tranquility Now – These drops are formulated to address daily stress and provide a state of relaxed focus without drowsiness. This is especially beneficial at the time of a stressful occurrence or in anticipation of a stressful event. (Carry it on your person. It’s wonderful for social anxiety). I give mine one dropper full as they run out the door for school.

ActivNutrients chewable (Xymogen)** – This is a great multi-vitamin. 2-4 mixed berry-flavored tablets will support Micronutrition for Optimal Growth, Normal Development, and Long-Term Health. especially for those underweight, picky eaters who may be missing out on nutrients from fruits and veggies.

Zinc chewable – supports healthy immune function. These convenient chewables have a great orange flavor and can be given at night or in the morning before school. Extra zinc also helps ease symptoms when we get sick better than many other daytime cold remedies.

Vitamin D drops–Vitamin D is important for bone and cardiovascular health and immune function, blood sugar balance, and promoting an overall sense of well-being. This formula is ideal for those who prefer an alternative to capsules. 1 to 3 drops per day (can be taken directly on the tongue or mixed with the beverage of your choice).

Healthy kids are happy kids, so If you’re looking for optimal back-to-school performance, be ready to give them some extra support when they need it.


Here’s to a great school year!

Annie Morris, LMT, and the team at Good Medicine




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