Why a Low Fat Diet is a Terrible Idea for Fatty Liver!

I have often heard a low-fat diet is recommended for fatty liver disease. Makes sense right? The more fat you eat, the more it accumulates in the liver would seem logical and is standard medical advice.  I will show you that not eating fats like eggs and meat is the absolute worse thing you could do […]

3 Simple Steps to Calm Allergies

Most people feel seasonal and environmental allergies are unavoidable, and many times, place the blame on a beloved pet or the season. While it may be partially true, our daily choices can give us more control over our responses to our beloved pets or the change in seasons––Spring allergy symptoms, in particular.   We have […]

CBD: Creating Stability in an Unstable World

The information contained in the Site is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your doctor or other health care professional. You should not use the information available on or through the Site (including, but not limited to, information that may be provided on the Site […]

Back to School with the 4-Legged Stool

Back to school with what? The famous (at least in my mind) 4-legged stool! These are what I think of as the foundational supplements to improve immunity, focus, and energy, and where most of my patients were all started on their path to health. This really applies to adults as well, but since it’s that […]

Intestinal Fortitude

You will fail, Kara.   Those were the exact words I heard Tuesday. You can’t do all of this. It’s too much. It’s too hard. Your circumstances are too unfavorable. You will fail. What do you mean I will fail? I was insulted. I became angry at this person I called a friend. My gut […]

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