Intestinal Fortitude

You will fail, Kara.
Those were the exact words I heard Tuesday.
You can’t do all of this.
It’s too much. It’s too hard.
Your circumstances are too unfavorable.
You will fail.

What do you mean I will fail? I was insulted. I became angry at this person I called a friend. My gut quickly felt bound in knots. I felt nauseous.
Why am I responding so emotionally I pondered?

I went for a walk. The fresh air and intentional slow, deep breathing were taking its effect. Did I have to believe her? Did I believe I was going to fail? And what exactly does failure mean to me? What was my gut telling me?

My gut told me I did not have to believe her. It’s easy to feel like a failure or to perceive failure when current circumstances seem so unfavorable and when nothing seems to be working.

Redefining Failure:
The idea of Failure is Fear. Fear is reacting to the chaos. Fear is focusing on the problem. However, Failure is actually how we learn. We have to push ourselves to fail, in order to get to the next level of learning. This means it’s imperative to become ok with failure. We have to fail in order to learn what the failure has come to teach.

If you base your self-worth on NOT failing, then you will, in turn, stop learning.  Failures are more temporary setbacks than dead ends. As you commit to your worthwhile purpose of healing the root cause of your symptoms, you must learn how to convert failures to stepping stones toward your success.

Redefining Success:
Success is in the exact proportion to surmounting failure.  Every failure brings along a seed of opportunity. Are you defining success by experiencing immediate outcomes for your efforts? Or are you defining success by what you are learning from your experience and choosing the opportunity to be better than before?

The Virtue of Failure is when it leads you to NEVER GIVE UP moving toward your worthwhile purpose of healing the root causes and improving your quality of life.  When you discover the Virtue in Failure you will also connect with your Intestinal Fortitude. Intestinal Fortitude is the intuitive strength that finds the blessing in adversity. Learning to look for the blessing in adversity is how you will start to build upon success. Your gut is leading you to know how to reclaim your body, mind, and spirit. Practice Intestinal Fortitude.

Learning to heal your gut is much more than diet and supplements. True healing comes from cautiously selecting thoughts, beliefs, words, and a support system that feeds your Definite Purpose to heal and to improve your quality of life. A Definite Purpose must be paired with a Definite Plan. A Definite Plan is how we minimize fear and identify our stepping stones. Care Plan Coaching Packages are available to help you create and live your Definite Plan. A successful leader must plan his/her work and live his/her plan.

Let’s start planning. Read more about Care Plan Coaching Sessions.
Kara Ware is Good Medicine’s Clinical Coordinator and Functional Medicine Health Coach. She also provides online courses and coaching for families living with Autism. You can read more here.

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