Autism & ADHD Cut Autism By 300%

A person's hand holding a capsule directly infront of the sunlight

Wow, miraculous claim right. Well it seems, in a preliminary study, that this may be true. In a recent study it was found that by administering 5000 units of Vitamin D3 a day during pregnancy, 7000 units after pregnancy if breastfeeding, and if not breastfeeding then dosing the baby with 1000 units per day for 3 years, it was possible to decrease the rate of Autism 300% in children whose mom’s who already had an autistic child. So in other words, they had a 5% chance of having an autistic child versus a 20% chance if they did not take Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 is extremely safe and beneficial in so many ways and here is another. For 20 cents a day we can make a huge impact. With the rate of autism increasing exponentially we have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Dr. Nathan Morris, MD

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