How to Run Circles Around an 800 lb. Gorilla

In business, the 800 lb Gorilla is the undisputed leader in the field. When it comes to pharmaceutical-grade supplement sales, which were originally only available through medical providers, Amazon is now the gorilla. It’s taken over not just sales of professional brands in nutraceuticals, but every field of business, really. They have a great business model for most things, but when it comes to professional supplement brands, they are really not able to offer the best deal and here are some reasons why.


Really good supplement brands saw that it was inevitable that they could not keep their brands off Amazon, so some of them went with one supplier on Amazon, who was required to sell at suggested retail prices. This allows Good Medicine, after you become a member, to offer discounts and even more discounts for autoship orders and beat Amazon’s price by 15-20%.  

Another reason that Amazon is not always the best place to shop, is that some supplement suppliers completely eliminated Amazon as a reseller. This limits the consumer from some very good companies that are still available from doctors. Our store by no means offers all brands of professional supplements, but we offer full lines of many of the industry leaders, and are adding new lines regularly that are not available there.   

Communication is important when you have a question. We have a chat feature that allows you to have your supplement questions answered by knowledgeable staff, and ultimately a doctor. This peace of mind from answering questions thoroughly just isn’t available from large retailers. 

Look, Amazon does a lot right. Shipping is probably the most obvious. That is a benefit of being an 800 lb gorilla, you can negotiate crazy shipping with carriers. We are now offering free shipping with orders over 49 dollars, and that with the other benefits that Good Medicine offers, we can give you more for your supplement purchase.  

Is Good Medicine going to overtake Amazon? That is like asking can a spider monkey whoop a gorilla. Not going to happen, and it doesn’t need to. That spider monkey can outmaneuver the gorilla. In this analogy, of course, I just compared us to a spider monkey and that is not a bad thing. We can be quicker to respond to our customers, offer better prices, and you know that a Certified Functional Medicine doctor is curating the inventory and making sure you get answers to your supplement questions through continuing education.

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