Walking The Walk

I often experienced in my years of practice, people who told me that they were doing everything right. But when I passed them in the grocery store aisle and peeked in their grocery cart (my wife says I am a nosey bloke), they were just talking the talk and not walking the walk. I think the mistake I made, besides being nosey, was that I overwhelmed my patients with advice to stop gluten and dairy, eat organic, take these supplements, get 8 hours of sleep. I felt self-incurred pressure to heal quickly and get people better as soon as possible. They deserved that, I thought. 


Well, in this world, they wanted that too, as it is an instant gratification world. The problem is, often I would get them better, but this lifestyle was not sustainable–as I had not truly changed the wiring in their brain and they relapsed into disease and seemed perplexed when they went back to their old habits, and their symptoms returned. Fortunately, I am learning through a program called MBN Systems, where I am a genomics mentor, that it’s really quite simple to create lasting change, but like all things worthwhile, it takes more time. They use a system called “JOT” or “Just One Thing” and work out from there. They create positive thought with this “JOT” and it actually changes the chemistry of the brain. Permanent connections are made between neurons, so change becomes permanent. 

An example would be that instead of grabbing a candy bar for a snack, you instead reached for an apple and did it with gratitude and awareness. You would change your wiring from unconscious decision for unhealthy snacks, to a true desire for something healthy. Maybe instead of a Mountain Dew, you grab a sparkling water. Who knows what your first step will be in this journey. Start with one “Just One Thing” and when you have that whooped, you can pick another. This is how to walk the walk and create permanent change.

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