The Covid – Fish Oil Connection

COVID variants make Fish Oil crucial for healthy immune system function.    COVID is a virus we are just going to have to live with per this article from Nature magazine and many others. Studies show that vaccination improves your chances of recovery 11 to 1 — pretty good odds, but even the vaccinated will […]

5 Products for Better School Days

Many parents are lying in bed on Sunday nights wondering how the school week is going to go for the kids. You’re not alone.   Worries about a mask-less year, new variants, hoping they can stay calm and focused, and that their immune systems can combat this year’s ‘normal’ colds, flu, and viruses can ruin […]

NAC Supplementation: What You Need to Know Now

NAC and FDA Scrutiny NAC or N-acetylcysteine has been around for a long time. It was originally patented as a medication in 1960 and began to be used medically in 1968. Recently, some hubbub surrounding NAC was due to some knucklehead sellers claiming it as a “hangover cure.”  The FDA did not view this favorably, […]

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