Carbon Neutral Shipping.

What we have achieved in the last quarter:

Helped to remove 5 metric tons of CO₂e (Carbon Dioxide equivalent) that's like getting 1 car off the road for an entire year

Compensated for the 3 average size trees from the Amazon river basin of size 35 cm diameter trunk and a height of 26 meters. 

We will keep monitoring this and buying carbon credits each quarter to help with the health of our planet and, in so doing, improving your health.

The goodness of our health supplements now with Carbon Neutral Shipping.

Good Medicine promotes the importance of healthy living, and we have now embarked on the journey to make our shipping process carbon neutral because the healthier our planet is, the healthier you will be.

What is carbon neutral?

Being a Carbon Neutral brand means a brand balances the amount of carbon released in the atmosphere due to its manufacturing and shipping activities with the equivalent amount of carbon removed to compensate for those carbon emissions.


A company that follows carbon neutral shipping practices will remove the amount of carbon generated and released in the atmosphere to achieve the state of zero net carbon emissions.

How is Good Medicine managing Carbon Neutral Shipping?

Good Medicine has joined hands with Pachama – a carbon offset provider that uses data, technology, and automation to reduce carbon footprints. Pachama works with several environmental projects that are focused on improving our ecosystem and forests. With their help, Good Medicine has invested in such environmental projects to reduce the impact of CO2 released in the atmosphere. See more about Pachama and our contributions here


We calculated our carbon footprint from our operations including shipping from the manufacturer and shipping to the customer here and then tripled it just to be sure we are not missing anything.


What other actions are we taking to improve the health of our planet?

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